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About the Book

Brain science tells us that children develop better when parents can regulate and express their own emotions effectively; are present and attentive – rather than in ‘autopilot’ mode; and can combine warmth, empathy and compassion with an appropriate level of authority. In Heartfelt Parenting, Shelly Chauhan shows you how and why you regulate emotions as you do; how this affects your ability to connect with your children; and how this shapes their growing minds, behaviour, resilience and relationships. 

In this time of relentless mental overload, busy schedules and constant stimulation, parents know only too well how difficult it can be to stay open, warm and connected to their children. Shelly helps parents develop a greater sense of awareness, presence, compassion and empathy; qualities that emerge naturally when parents learn how to regulate their inner states. It is only when parents are emotionally regulated that children can feel emotionally safe around them. And it is only when children feel safe, understood and accepted as they are that they begin to listen, to want to please us and to respect our feelings, needs and rules. When this unfolds parents and children get caught up in a positive spiral together, enabling a depth of reciprocity, connection and wellbeing that cannot be replicated by any other human experience. 

Shelly offers parents coaching and advice on how to regulate their emotions and deeply connect with their children to build lifelong resilience and wellbeing.


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