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Shelly has over 18 years of experience coaching executives and individual clients on issues such as emotional regulation, self-awareness, resilience, stress management, emotional intelligence, communication, building relationships and overcoming self-limiting barriers to performance such as anger, imposter syndrome or low confidence. Much of her work is focused on helping clients to regulate emotional states, and in doing so, to train their minds towards a calm yet alert state, where clear-headed thinking and empathy naturally emerge, even in the midst of challenging situations.  

The pace of modern life with the relentless onslaught of information, expectation, pressure and

perfectionism poses a challenge for many of us. It is getting harder to find an emotional and mental equilibrium that leaves us feeling focussed, resilient, stable and calm. All these essential characteristics are underpinned by one super skill: emotional self-regulation. Your ability to notice and regulate your mental and emotional responses so they are within your own ‘window of tolerance’ has a significant impact on almost every measure of wellbeing and resilience but more importantly, it impacts your ability to make effective decisions, to feel motivated and clear-headed, and to connect with yourself and others. 

Shelly's approach is unique, combining cutting-edge neuroscience with practical methods drawn from well-validated psychological therapies such as cognitive behaviour therapy and incorporating mindfulness and other forms of meditation to promote lasting and transformational change. Shelly is passionate about helping clients to cultivate wellbeing, connection, compassion, wisdom and perspective in their lives, both in and outside of work. 

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