About Shelly

Shelly Chauhan, a chartered psychologist and executive coach, has coached and trained a large number of clients in the corporate world over the past eighteen years on issues such as resilience, leadership, stress management and emotional intelligence. Shelly has several years’ experience of working with a diverse set of clients including large financial organisations, management consulting firms, technology businesses, and pharmaceutical companies. 

Shelly works in an integrated way, combining a deep intuitive insight into human behaviour with sound evidence-based scientific knowledge. She has a keen interest in individual development and emotional intelligence, combining up-to-date neuroscience with well-validated psychological approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy, and contemplative practices such as mindfulness. 

Based on her years of coaching experience and rigorous research drawn from the fields of neuroscience and psychology, Shelly was inspired to create a methodology combining brain science with practical exercises to help clients enhance their capacity for emotional regulation, wellbeing, resilience and connection. Feedback from clients highlights the power of this approach to enable positive changes across a range of work-life domains from reducing stress, managing anxiety levels, improving sleep habits, promoting clear-headed thinking, and strengthening relationships within and outside of the workplace. One of the benefits of Shelly’s approach is the positive impact it has on the parenting style of her clients, something that led her to write a book, Heartfelt Parenting, to be published by Robinson in April 2020. 

Coaching Expertise 

  • Emotional self-regulation to better handle emotions at work and at home, manage complexity, reduce stress levels and improve decision making
  • Mindful stress management 
  • Emotional intelligence including building better relationships, increasing empathy and developing self-awareness 
  • Communication and interpersonal skills involving active listening skills and assertive communication styles 
  • Overcoming self-limiting psychological barriers that cause anxiety, stress and self-doubt 

Professional Qualifications

  • Licensed to use personality questionnaires HPI, OPQ, EQ-i (Emotional Intelligence) and trained to use 360 degree Transformational Leadership Questionnaire  
  • Chartered Occupational Psychologist CPsychol 
  • MSc in Organisational Psychology
  • MBPsS: Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society, Division of Occupational Psychology