Shelly Chauhan

Shelly Chauhan, a chartered psychologist and executive coach, has coached and trained a large number of clients in the corporate world over the past eighteen years on issues such as resilience, leadership, stress management and emotional intelligence. Shelly has several years’ experience of working with a diverse set of clients including large financial organisations, management consulting firms, technology businesses, and pharmaceutical companies. 

Shelly works in an integrated way, combining a deep intuitive insight into human behaviour with sound evidence-based scientific knowledge. She has a keen interest in individual development and emotional intelligence, combining up-to-date neuroscience with well-validated psychological approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy, and contemplative practices such as mindfulness. 

Based on her years of coaching experience and rigorous research drawn from the fields of neuroscience and psychology, Shelly was inspired to create a methodology combining brain science with practical exercises to help clients enhance their capacity for emotional regulation, wellbeing, resilience and connection. Feedback from clients highlights the power of this approach to enable positive changes across a range of work-life domains from reducing stress, managing anxiety levels, improving sleep habits, promoting clear-headed thinking, and strengthening relationships within and outside of the workplace. One of the benefits of Shelly’s approach is the positive impact it has on the parenting style of her clients, something that led her to write a book, Heartfelt Parenting, to be published by Robinson in April 2020. 




Coaching | Individual & Corporate

We know, from the fields of neuroscience and psychology, that emotional regulation, self-awareness and empathy are super skills for success and flourishing in this day and age of increasing stress, complexity, pressure and uncertainty. How well we are able to regulate our emotions affects every aspect of a human life – emotional and physical health, immune system functioning, relationships, connection, decision-making, empathy, attention and focus. 

Coaching with Shelly can help you increase self-awareness, find solutions to problems, gain new perspectives, regulate emotions, handle difficult relationships or conflicts, and manage stress. It can be a liberating and enlightening process of self-discovery that impacts your life both in and out of work. Shelly is based in London and offers coaching on site or at her offices just off Piccadilly Circus. 



Shelly runs high impact neuroscience-based courses on Emotional Regulation, Resilience, Stress Management and Wellbeing. These tend to occur weekly over a duration of 8 weeks, involving a mix of cutting-edge brain science, psychology and practical methods. Shelly runs these courses for corporate firms in and around London and has also run courses for parents and individuals at various locations. 


Parenting Advice

Parenting is not something to be ‘done’ via behavioural tools and techniques designed to change the behaviour of our children; it is a way of being. Rather than describing methods to fix or change the behaviour of our children, Shelly’s approach is about transforming the inner emotional states of parents themselves. Good parenting rests on the processes of attunement and connection. Attunement is a natural, empathetic understanding of the emotional states of another person, and connection arises via a moment-by-moment emotional synchrony between the brains of two people. These are states that can only emerge when we are emotionally regulated and present in our interactions with our children.  

Based on the brain science and methods presented in her book, Heartfelt Parenting, Shelly coaches parents on ways to regulate emotions, build connection and feel compassion towards their children. She enables parenting to feel like the natural, enjoyable and intuitive process it is able to be.