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Shelly regularly runs a high-impact nine-week course called The Neuroscience of Emotional Regulation, Resilience and Wellbeing both for organisations and individuals. She has run it for a varied group of corporate firms including private equity, technology,  pharmaceutical, recruitment and also for parents and individuals. 

Harnessing current and fascinating research from the fields of neuroscience and psychology, this course takes participants on a journey of self-discovery during which they develop a deep understanding of their brains, minds, emotions and physiology, which in turn gives them greater control over their feelings, thoughts and actions. This promotes resilience, improves wellbeing and boosts emotional intelligence. It can raise levels of self-awareness and lower levels of stress. It also provides the foundation for being ‘mindful’ and being able to harness the power of focussed attention. 

What are the benefits?


  • Increased self-awareness and management of emotions, leading to calmer and more balanced behaviour.
  • Improved attention and focus. 
  • Lower stress and anxiety levels.
  • Enhanced communication skills through understanding of the brain science behind our natural 'threat' systems, and learning how to communicate in ways that allow people to feel emotionally 'safe', and therefore less defensive.  
  • Improved empathy and open-mindedness, leading to stronger relationships in and out of work.
  • Better integration between left and right brain hemispheres leading to sounder judgment and decision-making (better blending of intuition, emotion and rational thought).
  • Additional benefits from regular practice of the techniques taught may be better sleep quality, improved immune function, greater happiness and contentment (which in turn boosts creativity and innovation), and stronger parenting.

Please note these benefits may only come about lasting way if the course methods are practiced regularly. 

How do these benefits come about? 

The course achieves this by allowing participants to develop a deep brain-based understanding of why they feel and react in the ways that they habitually do and how to change this for the better.  During the sessions, they learn how to rewire their brains to minimise negative feelings of ‘threat’ and ‘stress’ and develop feelings of openness, curiosity, mental clarity, contentment, self-acceptance, and empathy.  

Participants will learn how to recognise when certain emotions tip from the point of being useful to being counterproductive, and how to intentionally self-regulate feelings so they are within the individual’s ‘window or tolerance’. They will develop a visceral, genuine sense of calm based on the practical and enlightening science behind the brain/body connections. This is a pivotal part of wellbeing. 


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